Sunday, April 29, 2007

Impressions of John McCain

Senator John McCain appeared on Fox News Sunday today as a Presidential candidate.

Overall I think McCain did himself no harm, and possibly some good. He somehow avoided having to give a lengthy defense of his Iraq policy, which is good for McCain because he has a communication problem on that issue more than a policy problem.

He simultaneously denied the existence of his temper problem and defended it. Good job.

He defended his conservative street-cred without lashing back at Romney or Giuliani.

He made a decent defense of his anti-torture policy. He communicated it in such a way that a person who disagrees with him would probably still respect his position.

He defended campaign finance restrictions, declaring that 527 groups are actually against current law. I find this position extremely hard to swallow, though it probably resonates well with the public. I am always disturbed to hear a politician play fast and loose with a specifically enumerated right in the Constitution. This point reminded me why I can't vote for McCain in the primary.

Fred - get the lead out and declare already. You're slipping in the polls.

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