Saturday, March 24, 2007

At least SOMEBODY else gets it.

Lowman Henry gets it. The PA Republican party, particularly the grassroots, is in a funk. Henry points to several points, among them are these two gems:

"Former State House Speaker John Perzel was the very personification of the pay, perks and privilege excesses of the legislature. In January, when it came time to dump him, only six - out of 102 - Republicans legislators had the guts to vote again him. That sent the clear and unmistakable message to grassroots Republicans that despite having replaced a full one-fourth of legislators they still did not get the message. Even worse, only two of the legislative freshmen voted against Perzel. Is it any wonder grassroots Republicans are throwing up their hands in frustration?"

"In terms of the state Republican Party, not a single leadership position has changed hands since the debacle of last November. Clearly no house cleaning there, hence no structural change in the party's operations. It remains the ultimate leadership-driven operation."

I continue to question why I am still a Republican after the way the party establishment (local, state, and national) has abandoned its own principles... my principles. We're told we must make compromises to win races, yet we're losing races, and it seems the few we win are hardly worth the effort.

I share Lowman Henry's utter disgust and contempt, yet I am strangely encouraged that somebody other than myself sees these problems.

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