Sunday, February 25, 2007


On "Meet the Press" today, Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich) used the word "success" numerous times to describe the Democrats' most recent incarnation of their "redeployment" plan. Levin wants to alter the authorization for military force in order to severely limit the scope of our military involvement to counter-terrorism and training of the Iraqi army. This will allow "most" of our forces to come home.

I have extremely mixed feelings about this new language. It is encouraging to hear Levin speak of success since the Democrats have not put forth a message of success, with Pelosi calling the war something to be "dealt with".

Levin's new language is discouraging in that it is very difficult to see how the Dem plan could possibly lead to "success". I am further discouraged by Levin's string of lies that went unchallenged by moderator Tim Russert: that the Republicans had filibustered debate on the non-binding resolution (when in fact their procedural maneuvers were intended to EXPAND debate to include Republican proposals as well), that Iraq was not a haven for terrorism (when The Weekly Standard has done thorough investigation proving that it was), and continuing to point the finger at the White House for hyping intelligence (when several congressional commissions have indicated that this was not the case, and Code Pink has video of Hillary Clinton saying how she vetted all her intelligence with WJClinton administration folks).

When Levin continues to squander his credibility by repeating these lies, one can only assume that Levin is disingenuous about his plans for "success".

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