Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Good Riddance

John Perzel is now the Ex-Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He almost held on by picking off a Democratic member's vote. Thankfully, a few brave members of the Republican Caucus held their noses and voted with most of their Democratic colleagues to elect a different Republican to lead the 102-101 Dem majority.

I am willing to temporarily forgive these members for voting for an unvouchered-expense-taking Philly "moderate" Republican if only because they have gotten rid of the King Payjacker himself. Shame on those Republicans who didn't vote against Perzel.

But wasn't just the amount of the pay raise, or its mere existence, or the manner in which it was shotgunned through the legislative process, or the apparently unconstitutional nature of the unvouchered expenses. It was the refusal to admit that these things were bad, or that the public had a right to be angry. It was the absurd defense of their abominable actions, relying on fanciful wages of migrant diary farmers, as well as the comparison to tattoo artists (who, by the way, earn their living by actually pleasing their fellow human beings.)

Additionally, I shed no tears over Perzel because he gave Ed Rendell just about everything he ever asked for, contributing to Rendell's landslide re-election, and through the properties of political transitivity, Rick Santorum's embarrassing loss.

It is sad to me that only one of those renegade Republican votes for O'Brien came from the conservative, central part of the state. I thought some of our members might have had more sense.

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