Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Democrats have discovered that "escalation" of the war is even more unpopular than a troop "surge". Bush may want to "escalate" the number of troops, but it's an abuse of language to say that he's escalating the war. The war has been escalating just fine on its own, thank you.

By the mere use of the word, one can tell which TV hosts and pundits have been drawn to the defeatist argument. Chris Matthews, I'm looking at you (among others). (And Chris, get your hearing checked - I could hear you on the Today show with the TV two rooms away.)

To improve his standing in the debate, Bush must reclaim the terminology. Simply, Bush has a plan to actually win the war. The status quo isn't working. Fewer troops isn't likely to work. The only way to win is to increase our military presence. Maybe some people don't think the plan will work, but it's the only plan out there.

The Dems, the Iraq Study Group, Pat Buchanan, have already conceded defeat by rejecting the only realistic plan for success. In doing so, they plan to fail. America doesn't want to fail.

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