Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dissent - nit picking

"Dissent is Patriotic"

Or so the story has gone since the nascent days of the Iraq war. Awfully smug, I'd say. I'd like to offer a slightly amended version: "Dissent can be Patriotic".

Much of what passes for dissent is ridiculous partisan opposition. Some of it, dare I say it without being called a fascist, is borderline treasonous. Saying that the war was wrong is acceptable. Calling for the troops to come home yesterday is acceptable.

Flatly calling the President a liar or saying you were "misled" into the war is unacceptable. There is plenty of evidence to the contrary - ignoring it won't make it go away, though Dems seem to be doing a good job of it lately. Tying the President's hands w.r.t. troop levels and still expecting him to come out with a good outcome is also unacceptable.

I fully accept that dissent is a healthy part of a democracy, and debate will be heated when the stakes are high. Fine. Just don't tell me you're supporting the troops when you are actively undermining their mission - the mission many of you Dems in Congress voted for. That is NOT patriotic.

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